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    Kata class every Saturday morning 11.00-1200am Portslade Sports Centre                     


SAMA Karate is based on the traditional roots of Chinese philosophy and Okinawan Karate where good etiquette, health, self-defence and discipline of the mind body and spirit are all practiced

Training with SAMA can help you achieve

Faster reflexes & co-ordination

By constant practice of karate techniques you will become faster and more co-ordinated

Greater flexibility

The truth is that many people are not very flexible that's why we have a program that is designed to take into account the individual abilities of all our students


In Todays fast paced and often stressful environments focus of the mind can be difficult, Karate encourages self discipline and focus to help combat stress 


Self confidence

Sef confidence does not come naturally to many people but it can be developed. Karate instills a sense of strengh, discipline and achievement that can carry over into other aspects of your life

You will also become toned, fit and strong 

From the cardiovascular and endurance workouts of karate you will gain higher energy levels as well as developing a stronger toned, and more healthy body

How to enrol

If you would like to take part there is no need to pre-book

Just come along about 10 minutes before the start of the class to complete a registration form

You will need to wear suitable clothing for exercise