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Kickboxing with SAMA

Kickboxing is a complete and total body workout

It is a high energy sport incorporating martial art techniques with boxing hand movements

It will teach you self-defence techniques and improve fitness toning you up and burning fat to keep you in shape

Other benefits of kickboxing

Kickboxing will teach you to punch and kick with power, burning about 800 calories in an hour


Improved self confidence and esteem


Effective stress relief


Increased strengh flexibility and stamina


improved co-ordination, balance and faster reflexes



Our classes are taught in a safe and friendly environment with motivating music by professional and experienced instructors

How to enrol

All our classes are PAY AS YOU GO

Lessons cost £7.00 each after 3 classes Membership and Insurance costs £20 per year for juniors and £30 per year for adults

Ready to jump in? Select the class that is most convenient for you from the class timetable and venues page. Arrive a few minutes early to fill in a registration form and get ready to change your life for ever

You will need to wear suitable clothing for exercise and bring some drinking water

Click on timetable to find your nearest class

If you have any questions please contact us

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