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foam nunchukau £8.99

Foam ball bearing nunchaku 12\"

please select colour
Round metal sai

The construction of the sai enables the practitioner to train with deadly speed and accuracy.This item is a practice training aid only and should not be used for full contact training.

Red oak Jo staff £13.99

A 4ft jo staff made from a hard durable wood so you get the best out of your weapon 2cm diameter

Wooden Tanto

Can be used for all forms of practice knife defence. Made from a hard red oak wood. 11" Long.

Escrima Sticks £12.00

A pair of Saple wood Escrima Sticks. hard wearing lightweight training aid

Jo staff weapon case £19.99

Jo staff case with shoulder strap and zip up end.Red felt lining.

sai case

Suitable for up to 21.5\'\' sai. Hard vinyl outer with red felt inner and carrying handles. Dimensions: 58cm x 20cm.

Nunchaku weapon case £9.99

Black vinyl case with red felt lining. Holds 1 pair of nunchaku £9.99